Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Dearest friends.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Fellow producers and audio fanatics alike!
As you may already know, Razxca is a highly prolific
musician whos presence has certainly been
felt in a very positive way here at proc-records.

An artist who is very well known for audio-extremes, the past
few releases by him with us have been somewhat lengthy
(for example, a 100 hour noise release!!!).
And now, in an effort to bring new life to his older music, he
has given proc-records the wonderful oppurtunity to re-release
the majority of his audio which was previously found
on his very own, truly wonderful label, which is also
called Razxca :D
This full-length release is one of a few other proc-rec exclusive releases
from this noise-audio mastermind.
The tracks cover a broad range of musical styles, most of which
are deeply rooted in dark ambient and drone styles
and are also very atmospheric and textural pieces as well!

Mikhail, as I have said on countless occasions, is a very
respectable artist and I greatly admire his work,
This newest release from him is one that I hold with
very high regard and am sure is my personal favorite from

If you are looking for the perfect album to set a calming yet dark
atmosphere, look no further than...


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