Wednesday, December 10, 2008



Many people have come to regard proc-records as their
primary source for audio downloading.
We have a group of enormously talented artists who
take pride in their work and share similar goals, ideas
and values.
since day one, proc-records has always been open
to nearly all forms of electronic music, and noise/power electronics
are no exception!!
[proc232], however, is not your normal run-of-the-mill noise ep.
Quite the contrary, in fact.

boxcutterblower (aka Jonathan Brodsky) is
an artist who hailes from the USA.
He has been with proc-records for a little while already, although
thus far he has only been featured on [proc200]
as The Wizard Rises.
On this smashingly hardcore ep, Jon has composed three
great pieces through the use of mixers, pedalls and vocal,
layered on that glorious heavy distortion and even used
(what sounds like) a little reverb as well!

While it is essentially a noise ep, Jon's un-compromising
appoach to sound creation + destruction has really caught my attention.
With even a slight hint towards ambient, this ep is
just long enough for nearly any fan of noise to enjoy
without becoming too overbearing.
It also has a tremendous replay value, which is soemthing
that is nice to have when dealing with a genre such as this.
AAANNND, for those of you who are into that sort of thing,
these tracks also seem to have an unusually high level of remixability,
which is something else that is quite unusual with noise audio.

So, if you are someone who is desperate to find
just the right thing to put on your portable media device
when making the long trek out to see family this holiday season, or
if you are just simply looking for that "certain something"
to help take the edge off after a long day, this
ep is sure to satisfy :)

Thanks again Jon!!!

proc-records is pleased to announce the debut,
non-compilation, self-titled release of our newest alias
(but not our newest member!)


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