Sunday, November 30, 2008



Where did it all go wrong?
Planet Earth as a whole has gone to shit.
Commercialism has completely taken over
almost all forms of media and has severely brainwashed
millions of people (most notably Americans)
into thinking that their lives will somehow become better
or more meaningful by collecting as much fucking junk as
Junk which was made in factorys that have little or no
restrictions whatsoever on the pollutants being blown into
our atmosphere or dumped into (what was once) perfectly
fine drinking water.

Why the rant?
Because each and every year, the holiday season becomes
more and more diluted of all that it once stood for.
I'm not saying that EVERYONE is like that...
Odds are, if you're reading this, you happen to be one of the remaining
few people who actually give a damn (BIG UP BIG UP!!!)

Anyway, in response to a recent MURDER of a
wal-mart (puke) employee by a shitload of
"black friday" crazed shoppers, Wal-Martyr
(aka The Ambience Project) put together a little noise ep
to bring attention to just how incredable, appauling and, well, let's be honest..
fucked up, that whole event actually was.

A runtime of nearly six-minutes, a protest album of this nature
deserves alot of commendation and recognition.
It's time to realize what really matters in this world.
Not the things which can be bought, but the things which are free
(especially free music).
I encourage everyone to download this and share it with others, because
if there was ever a time when the "average american"
needed to do a major reality check, it's now.

As we approach the new year, proc-records (along with other fine labels like
Love Torture Records, TRASHFUCK-NET, Dustin Must Die, HN, etc) continue to
stay deep underground with the sole-purpose of distributing
the best art in the world by the best artists in the world.
completely free of charge.
Open your mind to the possibilites, bitches!

Many thanks to Wal-Martyr for the audio-condolences


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