Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Coming waaaaaaaaaaaay out of left-field is a new
ep from the internationally respected artist, Razxca.
My reasons for writing so boldly about this release
is the simple fact that it is entirely unlike
anything that we here at proc-records have come to expect
from Mikhail.
Very beat-driven anthems are what make this release
so different.
On albums past, Mikhails sounds have been very
anti-rhtythmic and and higly avant-garde.
Yet, on this new ep, we find him flexing his
skills as a truly diverse musician.

It should be mentioned, however, that these tracks
are a bit older than some of his other material
and therefore do not follow the same musical direction
that Mikhail has been taking lately.
With a slightly old-school sound (especially on tracks 1 and 5)
these pieces have a slightly "dirty" and raw analog-feel to them
which INSTANTLY makes them pleasing to the ears.

The other three tracks on this ep cover a
much deeper early-analog dark ambient genre,
which reminds me of the early days of electronic music
(very much like early Warp Records)
when it seemed like there were an abundance of
styles yet to be discovered.

With MUCH anticipation and pleasure, I am pleased to release
this very high-quality ep from a remarkbly talented gentleman!
Razxca, you are my brother from another mother :D


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