Monday, November 17, 2008



up next at proc-rec is another release
from yet another new artist to our label!
Coax, a sound project which I am admittedly unfamiliar
with, recently sent over this wonderful little ep
of spectacular noises upon suggestion from
a fellow proc-rec artist, Jonbro (aka The Wizard Rises).
A very good suggestion, indeed!

Deep ambient landscape textures play throughout this album,
and even from the very beginning it is easy
to tell exactly the type of mood to be found within these
Similar in style and sound to artists like
Yoko Absorbing, Vega Stereo, GAAD all fused together
with a little bit of Xenocats mixed in, Coax's first
impression on me has certainly made a
positve and lasting one!

Like any good ambient album, this one features a variety
of colorful tracks which also play alongside
a handful of darker ones.
The perfect amount of volume, an ample supply of reverb,
a matrix of precisely executed sound-effects and
some very catchy track titles, this album is
definitely one that I will be listening to
quite often during these upcoming months of
chilly weather and even colder nights.

As anyone will tell you, first impressions are extremely
important, and it helps to make a profound and direct
statement as quickly and concisely as possibly.
Coax has certainly done this, and there is little doubt
in my mind that this is only a one-time thing!

So, without further delay, i am pleased to announce
the release of the first (of hopefully many more to come!!)
release here at proc-records by the newest
member of the family...


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