Saturday, November 1, 2008



By now, Sascha Müller has become a household name
around proc-records, and for that I am eternally thankful.
Having had various releases with us already, not to mention
being heard on even more proc-rec compilations, Sascha
has been a highly active producer.

With each release Sascha has given proc, top-notch quality
has been found.
Crystal Clear sound, deep basslines, pulsating effects
and hard hitting kick drums all seem to come together
with perfect harmony whenever Mr. Müller brings
something to the table, regardless of his alias!

So, it should come as no suprise to you when
first playing this album that Sascha has picked up
right where he left off and keeping the party alive!
A veeeeery strong 2-track ep ranging just over
sixteen-minutes in length, this album takes hardcore
techno and advances it by including very minimalistic
production styles, which is especially apparent
on the second track.

The first piece, "Kombat Zone" is quite similar in style
to tracks which can be heard on his "Soldier Force" ep on
Eastern Recordings back in 2006
(a personal favorite of mine).
This track has very rapid hi-hats clammoring
throughout while a kick drum lays down a solid rhythm
for people to hit the dancefloor with ease :D

The second track, Heavy Metal is quite different
from what I have heard from Sascha in the past.
A splendidly basic guitar riff lays down a nice danceable
background sound while the drum sequence gradually
moves in to take this piece to the next level!!!


If you want to get the fucking party moving in the right
direction, spin this shit and see just how fast the people
will flock to the dancefloor!!!

Doing what WE do best, proc-rec is proud to
showcase this album by an artist who does what HE DOES BEST!!!

THANKS SASCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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