Friday, November 14, 2008



The incredably talented Mr Razxca has thankfully
returned to proc-rec for yet another deep-listening
trip into the furthest edges of noise/drone!

Similar in style to proc180, this release features a grand-total
of one-hundred solid hours of noise!
As an added bonus, it was encoded at 8kbps mono mp3
and divided into four seperate sections for your
listening convenience.
This is a very, VERY conceptualy-driven release and
is not like ANYTHING I have ever heard before, due
to it's length.
I have always placed Razxca at the forefront
of creativity, and this album certainly strengthens my
profound appreciation for his contributions to
the netlabel scene.
By taking a concept that few artists have dared to attempt, he
has almost single-handedly changed the way that
many of us listen and create sound!
As I mentioned before,
by keeping in mind that the majority of people
will not be able to listen to this album
from end to end in a single sitting
(though I encourage you to do it if you can!!), this album
has been divided into four different sections, each one
ranging in lengths and sound.

Mikhail is an artist who makes music because
he loves to!
And proc-records is a label which releases great music, because..
well.....we love to!!!
We are a noise/experimental label at heart and
take pride in releasing stuff that is
considered "different".
Razxca's music certainly fits that description, and
there is no better way to celebrate creativity and
diverseness than by downloading this very valuable
piece of work.

Razxca, if you're out there...I thank you!!!
I, Adam from proc-records, give this album
the quality assurance stamp of approval
and am positive that you will also enjoy....


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