Sunday, November 30, 2008



Never in my life did I think I would be part of something
as enjoyable or satisfying as proc-records.
Operating it is something which gives me great pleasure
and is something which I take great pride in
Having been in the underground netlabel scene for a few years,
I payed close attention to a few artists who exemplified quality
and dedication, and who seemed to really care
about what they did.
Sascha Müller was one such artist who I greatly admired
even from the very beginning.

So, naturally, when I started laying the groundwork
for proc-records, he was an artist who I contacted with haste.
Sascha is an electronic musician who has an un-paralleled
production style.
Seeming to always be at the forefront of new idea's, concepts
and styles, his natural talent for sound creation
is something that any label would love to release!

At the very end of October we released an ep from Sascha
titled "Kombat Zone".
That album was a hands-down dance-floor smash hit and
got played frequently by me wherever I went.
However, I can't help but now devote my full attention
to this brand new release from Sascha Müller.
Three tracks long, this album picks up RIGHT where
the previous album left off.
Those deeeeep and wonderful basslines, the pulsating kick drums,
precision-placed hi-hats and of course, those brilliant
rhythmic melodies, leads and pads that
fill in the empty pockets of sound with the greatest of ease :)

There is no debating the fact that Sascha cares about what
he does.
His dedication and love-affair with sound are apparent in
every-single-second of audio being pumped
from your speakers to your head.
If you are looking for an easy way to get any dancefloor in the
world filled, look no further than Sascha Müller's newest release...


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