Friday, November 7, 2008



In true low-bit raver fashion, the short-tempered
sounds of mr. J_T are quite refreshing to the
ears of many a listener, especially since Friday
is finally here after 4 previous days of utter bull-snot.
To be sure, this is a nearly unstopable barrage of
quality-as-hell lowbitrate rave tracks
finely tuned, edited, spliced, diced and baked to
perfection for all to enjoy!

J_T, aka Josstintimberlake, is a semi-regular
artist on proc-rec offering the world-wide
audience with a nice helping of releases
(compilation and regular), 1000000% free of charge!!
With regards to his previous releases with us, the
bitrate encoding of this ep is higher than regular.
We have seen his tracks go as low as 8kbps,8khz MONO
(and still have a wonderful original-sound retention!!).
Donning the 32kbps,MP3 Stereo properties, we are able to
more clearly hear and appreciate this man's truly stunning
work, while still allowing it to retain it's highly
portable-friendly properties
(for those of us who are using very outdated mp3 players.
I use an old 256mb RCA Lyra. very restrictive at times)

Now, concerning the album itself, it is still very true to
nature in the sense that it has that
classic Josstin' sound that we have all come to know and love.
Five highly original and crisp, yet equally as low-fidelic, they
can really help to get ANY abandoned warehouse
rave moving in the right direction.
Wonderful consistency from Track A to B, and an enormous
replay value, there is no reason NOT to add this
EP to your collection....



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