Sunday, November 23, 2008



Originality is ESSENTIAL in nearly every aspect of life.
And certainly much more so when dealing with music.
The netlabel scene has grown at an incredable rate
over the past few years, and as a result, it has been
difficult for many individuals to
1. find a good netlabel that frequently releases music
2. find artists who "Deliver" 100% with their music
3. as an artist, try to prevent yourself from sounding
like all the rest of the artists.
Well, as could be expected, the newest release on proc-records
is a second-to-none culmination of the successful
blending of all three of those criteria.

Believe it or not, there was a time when proc-records was
a small net-label located on the outskirts
of the scene.
In many ways, we were "on the outside, looking in".
Having payed close attention to labels like
20kbps, mp3death, Stars in Rehab. and northam,
I (as a listener) had found a few
artists whose music I thoroughly enjoyed hearing, and
would frequently listen to.
Of those artists, one sect particularly caught my attention.
Their name?
So, when I finally decided to start proc-rec, they
("they" meaning Greg and Paul, the two men who make up xorqz)
were one of the first projects on my list of people to contact.

Time had passed and we stayed in contact from time to time, until
finally Greg agreed to send something over for me to
And boy...what a release it is :D

This is essentially a live session of the duo performing in New Jersey
sometime last year.
As described to me, Paul was utilizing a Korg EMX sampler while
greg was running audio which was being emitted from a pair of
turntables through some distortion and playing it
and various speeds (from 16rpm to 78!).

This is a really impressive track, and is an excellent introduction
to proc-rec from these guys.
Because the two are located on different parts of the US, they
dont get to work on music with each other as much as they
(and certainly their fans) would like, however, they both
also have solo projects which may be of some interest :D
Hopefully this will not be the only release from them here, but's still a (long-awaited and highly anticipated!!)
ep from a undoubtedly original and progressive

Don't miss it!!!


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