Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I apologize in adavance if my sentences
have a tendency to run together or make
very little sense.
I havent slept well these past few days
and as a result of had to increase my coffee consumption
as a way to compensate.
Anyway, [proc225] is here and on it we find
some really interesting material from our newest
project, Sons Of Bradford.

SOB is also part of a project called the Xeric clan, and is
ALSO part of a group-effort between RedSK (BIG UP BIG UP!!)
which is known as kxdX.

This ep is alot like a video-game you can't play
or a movie you can't watch.
THAT may not sound cool, but the music certainly IS :)
The entire ep is composed of smaller tracks glued together
as one solid piece of electronic beauty.
With a very analog and an early 1990's nintendo
feel, It is a spectacular little release that has
held my attention since I first played it a few weeks ago.

Various samples are played at points
during this album (especially at the begining) and
with the added effects like heavy distortion , reverb, flanger(?)
and panning, they seem to cooincide PERFECTLY
with the other things taking place during it's runtime.
this album also features very ambient
sections (most notably at 11:40 and 29:35)
which really help carry this ep to another level of inginuity
and imagination.

All in all, this is a splendid piece of work
and will be appreciated by those who enjoy
good art :)


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