Tuesday, November 4, 2008



in the deepest regions of audio, classic forms
co-exist with one another.
simlpe rhythm, melody, tempo, etc.
These are the basics of nearly all forms of music and
electronic music frequently uses all aspects of sound.

Enter Mikhail.
Traditional Russian music is very eclectic and
warm, able to stir up many emotions to those
who listen deeply to music.
However, in todays society, few artists seem to
focus their purest, raw emotion in their work
and as a result, the music quality has to sacrifice.
Fortunately, proc-rec doesnt allow such things to happen!

Anyone who has had any contact with Razxca knows
exactly what he stands for in the music scene.
Unwilling to follow current styles or techniques,
he has an uncanny ability to follow a different
path and design his art (visual and audio) around his life.
One of the most active musicians there is, Mikhail's
work can be heard on over a dozen labels (including his own), and
has a very respectable amount of music released with proc-records.

This newest release from him contains a single piece
which runs over eight minutes total and
lacks nothing in terms of originality.
It also contains rhythm sequences!
(though not in a traditional 4/4 sense).
Razxca's music has always typically leaned
away from rhythm and had a much stronger free-form style,
so it is certainly an aural treat to
be able to experience (as always from him), something
entirely new and different!

Simply said, this is rhythm-based noise
done by a superb artist, and it has the proc-records
stamp of quality!

dig in, and enjoy!!! :)


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