Monday, November 10, 2008



formidable sounds by admirable people (insects),
the Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects have returned
to proc-records yet again by giving me this killer
anti-beat album of genuinly original sounds!
Now, to be clear, this particular release under the alias was
actually created solo by one of the members.
To avoid too much confusion (and because it's a fucking awesome
artist name) it was released under their common alias.

The Utopian Listeners of Exotic Insects have been with proc-rec
for a few months, giving us a pair of ep's prior to this one.
While lacking the usual crew, it still maintains an enormous
amount of creativy and that all-too original sound
which i have come to not only recognize, but expect
as well, from them.
Sample heavy, loud, bombastic, and even offensive at times
(keep your kids indoors!!), it is nice to see that the
creativity and avant-garde thought processes are still
exhistant, even while the rest of the group takes a brief
holiday :)

In every way, this ep is a definative example of
the strength which can be found in the underground
in response to an intense refusal to conform our ears, minds
and tastes to the continuous regularities and restrictions
placed on art these days.
proc-records will NEVER (yep, I said it! NEVER!!!!)
become a wasteland from the urban-sprawl of pop culture
into the underground netlabel scene.
SINCE DAY ONE we have been releasing
original and inventive sounds by people who
actually give-a-fuck, no matter how different or
counter-culture it may be.
Having said that, a freshly prepared piece of audio artwork
is now ready to be enjoyed by people with hungry
ears and thirsty minds!!!

If you need to prepare yourself before laying your
ears on this, do it now because it's going to get pretty
crazy in there!



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