Friday, November 21, 2008



November has been a very busy month here
at proc-rec.
We have had over a dozen new releases up for free
download, and a large portion of them have came
from either a new alias or from a new artist!

Well, I am here to tell you about the latest artist to
grace our wonderful label!
His operating alias is Toxic Chicken, and he isn't
a stranger when it comes to the netlabel scene.
With net-releases on various labels, especially
one on the FANTASTIC netlabel, Dramacore (BIG RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
, it is safe to say that he knows his way around :)
However, in a way, this isn't his first release with us...
With the introduction of proc-rec's sub-label, "Sexual-Records",
we have had a couple releases on it so far.
And, one of those particular releases came from
Toxic Chicken under his alias of kai Nobuko.
(high recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1)

On this particular ep, Toxic Chicken introduces to
the massive his more rhythmic, ass-shaking, dancefloor tracks.
Six very straight-forward tracks , these pieces
the cullmination of upbeat, happy tracks and
darker, more mysterious/dangerous tunes.
A perfect album for nearly any occasion due to
it's diverseness and download size, it makes an excellent
Christmas Gift for people on a budget :D

He has a very genuine sound and "flavor", but
if you are a fan of Spacecraft, Derex, carfil, or even Static Bass
then I am sure you will find something about this
ep that you will enjoy!
While this music isn't really Techno, I would
consider it to be more closely related to that
genre than anything else.

So, if you havent downloaded it already, I suggest you do...
Then, after you download it put it on your mp3 player
and go to a friends house and download it on their computer as well!!


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