Sunday, November 16, 2008


"Close your eyes and open your mind".
That phrase fits this album perfectly,
and in more ways than one.

Anyone who appreciates good ambient music
(which if you are a regular visitor to proc-rec, odds are you do!)
will certainly agree that this album from our newest
member of the proc-records family is, hands down,
brilliantly produced.
Immediately starting out dark and mysterious, this EP
carries a sense of despair and
peril through and through.
Dark and mysterious are just a few other terms
which can be used to describe this release.
Very much an ambient and drone release, these tracks
are excellent examples of the perfect fusion of
noise/drone/ambient and landscape and
have an amazingly crystal-clear sound.

Though only eighteen minutes long, these twenty-two pieces
work well together which allows this album to
move from one track to the next with a
very fluid motion which , when done correctly, can
really add to an album's success.
Tracks like Pangea (parts 1-4) and Waterdream (parts 1 and 2)
are all pieces which, in my opinion, really stand out among
the rest of the album and which also provide
a solid framework and "backbone" for the EP.

However, please note that this EP is a deep-listening
album and sounds best when heard through headphones
and with no distractions around you to
keep you from absorbing these sounds in their entirety.
Please, do not simply let it play in the background while
you do other things.
Full mental devotion is not only required, but expected
when hearing this (truly) amazing ep.

So, with nothing else more to say, I leave you, the listener,
with the oppurtunity to indulge yourself with a brilliant
ep that is second-to-none on so many levels.
Turn out the lights, put on your headphones, and immerse
yourself in the wonderful sounds of...


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