Saturday, November 1, 2008



With the start of a brand new month,
November brings new possibilites!
It also allows proc-rec to introduce its newest
artist, a gentleman from Brazil who uses the alias

On this album we can find a wide array
of styles of electronic music ranging from
minimal electronica, psychodelic acid and techno
with a little bit of ambient and IDM peppered in
at various points in the work.
This is truly original music, and I would even go as
far as to say that maybe holocaos has developed his
own genre within the realm of electronic music :)
Sampling seems to have been kept to a minimum, which
has allowed holocaos to also focus more on making
the splendid rhythm, percussion and
the various sound effects and ambient textures
which provide the backbone for the majority of the music.

What I also found interesting about this album was the
fact that while these tracks are pretty complex,
they still have an enormous potential for being
remixed by DJ and fellow producers alike, and therefore
will work wonderfully in discotheques around the world,
not to mention the fact that they also are perfect just to
sit back and listen to after a long day.

I have only been aware of holocaos's work for a short period
of time, but after hearing this album I know
that he is truly dedicated to his work and to the scene.
He has released on the TRANZMITTER netlabel in the past,
however, I hope that this wont be the last time that proc-rec
has the wonderful oppurtunity to release more music from
mr. holocaos.
(fans of hertzcanary will enjoy this album!!)



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