Wednesday, October 29, 2008



after much anticipation, the amazing mr. carfil
has returned to proc-rec by filling in our
[proc205] slot with his freshest ep in quite some time.

In terms of general runtime, this ep follows a similar
guideline by which the majority of carfil's releases
with us share.
Carfil's albums generally consist of five to eight (gorgeous)
tracks and have a playtime of around 1 1/2 - 4 minutes, which
is normally the perfect length to get precisely the desired
effect from this man's audio.

What I've noticed about this release, however, was the
very rich, classic and "old-school" sound
which is something that I havent fully heard in his
previous work.
With a very early IDM sound (post-autechre in a way)
tightly fused with a strong classic ambient-techno
sound, due to the melody construction, this
album deserves recognition for sucessfully
closing a generation gap for many listerners.
However, also apparent are carfils signiture
chopped melodies spurratically panning from
different speaker channels, adding a slight vertigo-ish
effect on the entire track.

Carfil is a genuinely original artist with a tremendous
amount of talent to offer the world through the use of
the netlabel scene.
Producing very highly intuitive audio, in my opinion, he truly is
one of the pioniers in the prgression of IDM.
and with releases both on proc-records and
the amazing 20kbps netlabel, it's quite obvious that
his talents have not gone un-noticed.

find out for yourself!


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