Sunday, October 12, 2008



the talented and highly prolific GAAD has been
producing audio very quickly over the past few months,
and fortunately proc-rec has been able to
release a large portion of this fellow's resulting

Before I start these linear notes, please excuse me.
I have to refil my cup of coffee and burn some insence.

Okay, im back!
Now, as I have said in the past, noise takes a very
keen ear, regardless of how well it was produced.
And yes, there IS a difference between good noise
and aweful noise.
GAAD, since his debut with proc-rec, has always
shown strength in his sound and has demonstrated
a true passion for what he does.

On this EP we find GAAD really pushing the limits
and moving above and beyond his typical styles.
These tracks carry a much stronger punch, are shorter
than most of his usual work, and are very, VERY loud!!!

I know that there are some people who dont recognise
noise as being a crucial aspect of electronic music, though
in my honest opinion, I consider it to be of the
utmost importance.
Free form audio (both producing and listening) is an
excellent way to really open your mind to a completely
different channel of sound.

I have, since my first introduction, felt that GAAD
was one of the most diverse and certainly one of
the most important people on the noise scene today.
After hearing this work, that strong conviction of mine
only grows stronger.

this one is for you :)


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