Monday, October 13, 2008



As we break into the [proc19x]'s, what better way to
do it than by introducing our newest member of the proc-rec

Keith Jars, who hails from the great country of France, recently
approached proc-records with a simple question...
to release his wonderful music with us!
I enthusiastically accepted his offer and embraced his
audio in a very head-strong manner! :D

Keith's music is very, very unique.
Using sound manipulation methods and techniques that
I havent seen accomplished with such success in years,
Mr. Jars has certainly made a lasting first impression with us
that I'm sure will remain for quite a while.

Just over 44 minutes long, this ravers anthem of
the 21st century is very true to nature and
has a very rich "old school" feel to it (reminds me alot of Daft Punk).
Whats more, he can maintain a very productive dancefloor
atmosphere for extended periods of time without
his sounds becoming too repetitive or boring.
Altogether, the tracks on this release flow very nicely
from one to the other and work just as well
independantly, not needing to play the whole album
to get just the right amount of his groovy and funkadelic
techno feeling!!

While each and every single track is great in it's own way,
I found my personal favorite pieces to be "grpt for neptunia" and
"walkyra" (which would also seem to work well
as a "single" release).

keith Jars is certainly not your average musician, and he
has proved this statement quite well with this album.
While he has his own netlabel (Quadrant Recordings), it is
my personal hope that he will be releasing with proc-records
on a much more regular basis!!!

without further hesitation, proc-rec is pleased to bring you...

Keith_Jars_-_Volupt Apnea LP

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