Wednesday, October 15, 2008



a chilly day with a very overcast sky.
terror all around you.
Earthquakes, famines, plagues!!!
This is the type of them that I have found in almost
every single piece of Astral Vomit's work
and it has worked out to his advantage :)
Nearly Immesurable talent with raw audio
destruction and digital manipulation, AV is
extremely well known for unleashing some of
the most brutal and in-your-face noise.

Three pieces (all encoded in 128kbps mp3, mono)
are just a few of things that this album boasts.
Brutally fucked and scorched constant melodic drones
in the background are played in conjunction
with an equally brutal amount of static and
squelching textures.
Every single moment of these pieces is just as
intense as the last and will leave you banging your
head and begging for soooo much more :D

This is, by no means, your typical release from
Astral Vomit.
And, as we approach proc-rec's 200th release,
there is no better way that I can think of then to have
Mr. Vomit lay a solid foundation for noise
lovers around the world to appreciate and build upon.

pure audio magic!


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