Sunday, October 5, 2008



the incomparable Static Bass has returned to proc-rec.
We have been very fortunate, as a netlabel, due to
the tremendous amount of music we have recieved
from this fellow, and one can only hope to have the
same oppurtunity to continue to release music from this
very talented artist for many, maaany more years.

Traditional acid techno is, by nature, a repetitive genre.
Have a familiar or regular beat playing helps people
get into the mood to get down and dance, which
is something that Static Bass has been able to do
on ever-single-release!!!

This album, however, is geared entirely towards
constant repetition!
All four tracks were created with the intent of being played
seperately (as opposed to having all four play in succession).
Something about Static Bass's music that I have always been
quite fond of was the raw and "full" sound of his percussion.
His kick drums always carry a little extra bass than
normal bass drums, his high hats typically have a much
more rich and piercing sound to them, and his acid lines
(which are always one level beyond perfect!!) have
always had a nice -reverbish additive,giving it that
old-school sound that I love so much and grew up hearing as
a youngster when i would listen to Detroit radio stations
late at night.

All four loops are genuine, distinct, and above all...amazing.
(My personal favorites include Static Loop 2 and Static Loop 3).
If you've been a good listener and have all of
the Static Bass releases so far, it's time to add this
one to your collection.

A truly stellar release perfect for late nights and
abandoned warehouse raves!!!!



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