Friday, October 17, 2008



For me, my TRUE passion is music.
I love making it.
I love listening to it.
I love hearing new beats.
and I always look forward to hearing a classic
old school track!

But, there have been many many times when
I have tried to sit down and actually
make a list of what my top ten favorite album are.
There was alot of erasing, adding, removing, and
even frustration.
Making a list of my all-time favorite albums
(or even individual tracks for that matter)
was nearly impossible for me to do!

However, within the midst of all the different
hardcore acid techno albums and other classic
rave anthems, one little album kept popping up...
Basinski Drone Corps's Degradation Loops (NAHC116),
which my very first exposure to the sound
over a year ago.

Basinski Drone Corps is the (unfortunately) rarely used
lowbit ambient alias of Overthruster.
I have, on regular occasions praised Overthruster
for making such an amazing, yet so incredably
simple album
(please, check it out for yourself!!!).

My friends and fellow music lovers, what you have just
downloaded is product that very artist.
A truly spectacular album that continues to keep up
with the sound that I so closely associate (and regularly refer to)
as Basinski Drone Corps!!!

Two pieces, both over eight-minutes.
Both calming, deep, dark, mysterious and

Having a release from Basinski Drone Corps
puts a GIANT smile on my face.
If your an ambient/drone fan, it simply just
does not get any better than this.


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