Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Mikhail Gusenkov, the highly prolific AND very intelligent producer
who operates under such aliases like Sexual, Ideal Drop Pops and
probably his most well-known and widely used alias, Razxca,
Mikhail has returned to proc-records to
feature his latest release.

[proc198] is simultaniously our shortest and our longest
release all in one!!
He has attempted to give an explanation about the
concept behind this extremely brief piece, which has
been included with this download pack.
However, allow me to do my best at giving a
somewhat brief, yet in-depth explanation
behind this album.

Always seeming to be at the forefront of
digital, non-rhythmic production, Razxca has opened
his mind to the possibilities to a new way of
producing basic tones and drones through the use
By manufactoring a few lines of numerical code,
saving it as a .txt file, and then opening it as an audio
file in any popular sound redactor (i.e. Adobe), he
was able to transfer basic code into sound.
This album can be edited to length by
placing this very brief clip on repeat for as long
as you wish.

As the title of this album suggests, this is essentially a concept
album, and it should be treated as such.
Razxca has done an excellent job at presenting this wonderful
idea to anyone out there who may be interested in possibly
trying out new methods of producing free-form noise audio!
A very classy and appropriate album,


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