Thursday, October 23, 2008



Listening to Andy's music really gives me alot of mixed emotions...
The first one probably would be 'suprised' or 'shock'
because I find it hard to believe at first what I'm actually hearing.
Immediately after that follows a slight disapointment
in myself, due largely in part because while he and I
both have slightly different styles of electronic music production,
when placed side-by-side, his music quite honestly
puts mine to shame.
the third emotion is essentially just the culmination
of the first two, which also trade places amongst themselves
at various time during my listening experience.
I realize that's a pretty deep introduction to these notes, but
after hearing this brilliant album from end to end a few dozen times
(and trust me, you will!)
I'm sure you will know precisely where I'm coming from.

proc-rec last saw Mr.Culvre in action exactly thirty-three
releases ago, and within that time, I've had my
hopes and thoughts set on releasing his next album
as soon as it became available to me.

Nothing short of remarkable, Andy's latest ep
shows him in fine form, excercising each one of his musical
muscles to squeze out the last little drop of perfectly timed
melodies, samples, drum kicks and basslines.
His strong focus on detail is found
(though "heard would seem to be a more approprite description)
in, honestly, every second of every piece.

Now, I wont go through each track and explain them
words simply cannot do these tracks any justice whatsoever,
and as a result I am once again left with a handful
of feelings that I'm unsure what to do with.

All I have to say is that I am fully expecting this album
to fly off proc-rec's digital shelves.
Free music doesnt get any better than this shit.
I WOULD challenge you to find a more dedicated artist,
but you would just be wasting your time.

A perfect way to bring the [proc1xx]'s to a
close and welcome in the [proc2xx]'s.
Put this audio in your dome-piece with haste!!
(personal favorite tracks include #'s 1-5)


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