Thursday, October 16, 2008



Now, with our newest release, proc-rec's catalog takes
a slightly different turn.
Straight from Brazil, we have a debut release
from an artist who operates under the alias of Lik-o!

An all-around great little five-piece album of
minimalistic dancefloor tracks, Lik-o's Lost Love
album is a refreshing reminder of just how much
I enjoy this type of music :)
While the tracks are somewhat brief, this album is sure to
leave a very lasting impression on the
minds of the listeners.

With the first track, this album gets things started
right away.
A very cool speaker-panning sound effect is introduced
and immediately afterwards, the gorgeous rhythm
kicks in.
Showing an uncanny ability to create minimal electronica
without sacrificing its danceable qualites, Lik-o's
true colors shine (in my opinion) with this
perfect opening track.
Soon after, the albums self-titled track "Lost Love"
hits the speakers.
Once again the great rhythm section is apparent,
though this time he also incorporates a
very hypnotic (and almost Trance-Techno sounding)
These similar qualities are found throughout this release's
thirteen-minute runtime and it would seem
that Lik-o intentionally made a brief release to
"tease our ears" and keep us waiting impatiently
for future releases, (hopefully here at proc-rec!!!)

From begining to end, this album is a perfect party starter.
The tracks sound complete, fulfilling and are
very remixable!!
If you're a DJ who plays alot of clubs, toss
this album on your harddrive and give it a play or two,
especially my favorite track...Reinvento!!!
Lik-o's styles remind me alot of a fusion between
Hertzcanary, Gert3000 , Mi.Cron and a little bit
of Carfil mixed in.
Fans of good music will not be disappointed!!

proc-rec proudly presents to the WORLD...


also, be sure to check him out on myspace at...

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