Friday, October 10, 2008



Causes for celebration are always something to
get excited about!
And I currently have some very valid reasons
to be overwhelmed with very profound happiness.

First of's Friday!
After a long and dull week of unloading trucks
and trying to look busy (since the economy is so slow right now)
it is nice to come home and have the ability to relax
for two days before going back at it for another week.

being happy is the fresh pot of coffee currently being
brewed downstairs!!!
The aroma is slowly filling the house and making me
slightly impatient to remove this slight caffiene-withdraw
headache that has plagued me for the past few hours.
...I love coffee!

But finally, the third reason why I am celebrating
is because proc-rec now has a full-length release from
my good friend David (best known as ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

David is back!!
It hasnt been a terribly long time since
proc-rec has last heard from ExMxCxPx, though
it has certainly been long enough!
(and this album definitely makes up for it!!)
This is an intiguing little album.
It's demeanor has a complicated and slightly deconstructive rigor,
though at the same time holds within itself an
almost hypnotically meditative quality which will certainly
change the perspective of any listener.

I've had the pleasure of working with David for a while now.
He is a stand-up gentleman, runs an out of this world label,
is against cruelty towards animals and embraces a
cruelty-free vegan lifestyle (much like myself),
...oh yeah....and he makes fucking awesome music too!

Download it for the Name.
Listen to it for the aural pleasure!


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