Monday, October 27, 2008



As an artist, myself, I have often sighted the importance
of utilizing different aliases when demostrating a different
side of ones musical production styles.
For instance, I usually use my c4 alias
when producing techno or acid-house (rhythm) tracks,
and my Graffiti Mechanism alias for my non-rhythmic,
experimental/drone/noise/ambient/etc tracks.
[proc203] is a perfect representaion of
an already highly unique artist
going one step further and creating some
remarkably hardcore-sounding audio
at the very low bitrate of 8kbps,8khz mono mp3!

You may recognize the genuine sound within
the first few moments of this piece.
However, since I realize that it might not be so
obvious to some people, allow me to ruin the suprise...
it's jjoth!!!
That's right!
proc-rec's very good friend from the Ukraine
is back once again to demolish sound
with this fresh new 9-minute opus!

jjoth is an artist who i greatly admire.
Alice is someone who is not afraid to
try something new, regardless of the alias.
the music is usually almost ALWAYS freeform noise,
edited to the perfect length with just the right amount
of volume and then encoded to the low bitrates which
compliment the sounds ever so nicely.

What I found to be the most enjoyable thing
about this release was the fact that it sounded like
a very old recording due to the large amount of
static-noise in the background.
I felt that it gave the music an extra push in the
right direction and allowed it to appear
older than it actually was.

This is jjoth's first use of the BELSEBUL moniker
at proc-records, and it has certainly made a lasting
impression on me.
Sadly, I feel that harsh, low-bitrate noise is a
concept which has not yet been fully understood.
Luckily, there is a place on the internet for artists to
release THEIR art however THEY want to.
And you, my friend, have just downloaded an album
from that site :D

Just in time for Halloween, proc-records is
pleased to release a brand new ep from an
artist using a brand new alias...


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