Wednesday, October 1, 2008



"Two heads are always better than one".
That phrase has been around for a very long time, and up
until now i never FULLY understood what it
actually meant.
Allow me to explain my sudden epiphany to you...

you see, located in Belleville, Michigan live two gentleman
of high importance.
The first is a man who musically operates under the alias of
Two Shoes.
A very unique individual indeed, he plays a key role
in Simply Wow's existance (the other half!!!).
Doing what appears to be much of the synth work in these tracks,
this guys first introduction , musically, here at proc-rec
is VERY strongly felt and upon hearing this album, I have much
respect for him!!

The second (and simply badass half) of this duo
is none other than Mr. Red-fucking-SK!!!!
Needing no major introduction at all, to say
that I am a fan of Pat's work is such an enormous understatement.

So yeah, about the music...
It's honestly some of THE BEST freeform-based
rhythmic electronic music that I have had the oppurtunity to
let my ears hear.
The melodies are gorgeous, the beats are perfect,
the sound is genuine and the producers are top notch!!!
Honestly, what --the fuck-- more could you ask for?

This Album really take a keen ear, however, and therefor
might not be completely appreciated by certain people.
Fortunately, YOU aren't one of those people.
Therefore, there is no reason whatsoever that you shouldn't
bump this shit in your ghetto blaster at maximum loudness
and cruise the mean-streets of your city.

Crack open a 40oz, brew up a fresh pot of coffee,
Just make sure that you are the first person on your
block to have a copy of this flawless piece
of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks again fella's...



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