Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Dirk's reputation as being an obscure ambient electronic
artist has carried with him throughout his career
and I have been pleased to showcase this gentlemans work
here at proc-records on more than one occasion.

Not quite like anything we've heard from Dirk before,
(though one could argue it has a similar
sound to Solitude in the Shadows, [proc079]) this
slightly extended ep lives up to its name by demonstrating
some quite obscure structures, indeed.

Seeming to keep a somewhat steady (though complex at times)
rhythm, Dirk uses choppy, glitch-laiden
drum-sequences and layers very nice and landscap-ish
arpeggiated melodies to fill in the empty spots.

This is a very concise and clear album, but it was not designed
to simply play as background music while you are
doing other tasks.
By not devoting an ample amount of attention to this piece
of art, you loose sight of the album's charm
and more importantly...the message!
With each and every release, Mr. Lienig seems to
challenge the listeners ability to comprehend deep emotional
sound and engages them in various themes and ideas.

Dirk's presence both at proc-rec and on the netlabel scene has
been a very welcoming and humbling experience, and his
ambient, textural, aural-pleasing
sounds have resonated throughout world.
This is a perfect album for bring the fall season in :)

thanks dirk!!!


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