Tuesday, October 14, 2008



The newest addition to proc-rec comes straight from
overseas :D
Straight out of the United Kingdom, this dynamic duo
of supreme-quality sound devastation
makes their presence known to every person with ears
that they truly mean business!

Re-defining the art of noise, Foamshanks take advantage
of intense rhythm, extremely loud and spurratic
static noise, fucked up vocals and a sample or two
peppered here and there, simply to add
even more interest.
A very unique album (and also quite short. nearly thirteen minutes),
proc-rec certainly has something else to smile about!

What I found very cool about this release was the fact that
the tracks need not be played in succesion.
In fact, I found that by randomizing the playlist often
(and trust me, fans of noise will be listening to this often im sure)
the listener can really find themselves going on a
seemingly endless variety of crazy wacked out
excursions into the deepest recessions of noise.

At proc-rec I have always made an honest attempt to
provide the world with the finest in the craziest
electronic music, regardless of the style.
And today, my friends, you now have
the oppurtunity to thorougly enjoy a truly instant classic
that will keep your full attention maintained for
quite some time.
Best of all, like all proc-rec releases, IT's FREE!!!!

download this bitch now
...because ALL the cool kids are doing it ;)


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