Tuesday, September 30, 2008



the simply amazing talents of GAAD, under the operation
of his badass alias of B-TON are once again felt
shaking things up and wrecking music properly with
a FANTASTIC 19+ minute audio war!!!

Very much in the style of Jungle and noise, these
loud and rough breakbeats are distorted to perfection
on this 128kbps extravaganza!
Almost sounding as if it were based upon improvisation
(though it could just be his expert audio programming)
the six total pieces which make up the lot of this album
are sure to blow your mind, due to the perfect
sound execution that is taking place.

In essence, Test Beat is B-TON's modus operandi
(in my opinion). I have found it
to be a perfect anthem to blow away any remnants of
distress or cares of the world.

If you are looking for a way to "cut loose" and
rave, or if you just want to go fucking crazy
for no reason at all, make sure you are
close to a sound-system that can handle hard shit
and give this album a spin!!!
Any respectable listener will understand the true
power of this album when giving it the full
attention that it deserves.

Let this puppy rip, bitches!!!


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