Wednesday, September 24, 2008



In neraly every instance, Razxca has brought
to the netlabel scene his own unique style and sound,
and was never afraid to try something new and different,
regardless of the outcome.
This is one of the reasons why I admire him so much
both as a person and as a musician.

Originally, this album was previously released on Razxca's own label
and has since been removed.
He asked me if I would be interested in releasing this
and I enthusiastically agreed.

Essentially, this album consists of a single High-pitched
sine wave that fluctuates in form as the piece continues.
These subtle changes in sound might not be noticed
right away, but are certainly taking place within each and
every second the track is played.

Whats more, this piece of art has a runtime of forty-two hours!!!
that is just six hours short of two complete days!!!

Admittedly, one might not have the time or patience to listen to this
track in it's entirety. Because of that, you
would be drastically reducing the piece's
full effect.
My recommendation to you as a listener would
be to experience this album in sections, as you see fit.
Regardless of what you may think, this album
is a critical step forward for proc-rec.

Razxca's sounds will never leave you empty-handed
or disappointed.
This album continues that tradtion and promise.
All free spirited, open minded music lovers welcome!!!


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