Friday, September 12, 2008



By far, one of THE most prolific artists to ever
hit proc-rec, Razxca continues to submit
quality audio of the finest calibre, perfect for deep, deeeeeep
music listeners and appreciators.
Quite similar, stylistically, to previous material, this
new ep from Mikhail is one that is true to his
familiar and wonderful musical production styles.

Something important that I would like to inform people
who may be new to Razxca or noise music (or both!) is that this
release is an excellent way to become acquanted with an
interesting aspect of sound, and an even more interesting artist!

Hailing from the great and giant country of Russia, Mikhail
is by no means a newcomer to the netlabel scene.
Many many releases throughout the WORLD on various other netlabels,
some of which include 20kbps, abulia concepts,
TRASHFUCK-NET and even his own label (also called Razxca),
Mikhails presence on the scene is very apparent and
would certainly be noticed if he wasnt producing.

As I said, this is an excellent release to introduce yourself to
both Noise music and Razxca's sound, so
plug in your speakers, crank up the volume and enjoy
some very nicely produced electronica-based noise!!!

much respect, Razxca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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