Wednesday, September 17, 2008



during this 2008 year, proc-rec has seen alot of familiar
artists using different alias's to release their music under.
As I've said before, having a variety of alias's to choose from
when producing music can really help diversify an
artists discography in a positive way.
There are also a HUGE amount of netlabels out there today,
and I know from experience just how hard it can
be to find a proper label to distribute and promote your
particular sound.
(which was the primary reason I started proc-rec, to create a place
for EVERYONE to feel welcome and not limit styles
or sounds which can also hinder the creative process dramatically)

However, I do understand the need to sometimes work within
boundaries, and therefore have an un-ending amount of
respect and appreciation for this next artist.

Mathias, who usually operates under his alias of GERT 3000,
recently sent over this ep for release at proc-rec, which I
enthusiastically accepted without any hint of denying its
release here at proc.
Before I begin to go into detail about the release, allow me
to explain WHY i appreciate this gentleman so much...
Mathias is not only a terriffic producer of electronic music, but
he also is the curator and chief-operator of my favorite
label EVER, 20kbps.
Releasing ONLY lobit audio, this netlabel has been
my number one source of music for the past few years
and has helped open my mind to such a wonderful concept.

In regards to this album, Mathias is once again back in action
using his alias of Audio Peter as his means of operation.
Rhythmically one of the most complex and intelligent releases
thus far at proc-rec, Audio Peter demonstrates
his uniqe styles in a fourteen track brain-fuck festival.
Not quite dance music, though not exactly a traditional
IDM release either, It could be more appropriately catagorized
as IEDM (Intelligent Experimental Dance Music), though
it is also very strongly associated with Avant-Garde as well.

However you look at it, this ep is an all around
wonderful audio treat, and I think I speak on behalf of all music
appreciators out there when I say that this is precisely the kind
of shit I love and live for =)

Hold on tight, Bitches!!!


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