Monday, September 1, 2008



proc-rec is proud to be an internationally recognised
It is a nice feeling to know that there is finally a place
where people take music seriously and arent afraid
to distribute it, expecting nothing in return (except some very due credit!!).

This time, proc-rec has another bit of audio-delicatecian
from an artist hailing straight from Latvia.
While he isn't the first or only Latvian artist that is featured
on proc-rec, he IS the first from that country to demonstrate this
particular type of style.

When Aramaki contacted me about possibly releasing this, I was
unsure what to expect at first.
Having never been introduced to him before, I had no idea what his
music sounded like and was therefore very excited
to lay my ears upon this album.

A grand total of fifteen glorious, bass-heavy tracks
make up this EP.
Whats more, the styles of music found on here, while quite similar in
some aspects, are all rather different from one another as well.
Tracks range from spurratic chopped drum sequnces, down to trip-hop
ballads, and all of which have his very
powerfull and simplistic (yet highly effective) melodic sequences.

The variable bitrate encoding was also a very nice touch
to maintaining a splendid sound quality, while also
keeping some of the tracks sizes down.

All in all, this is a great little introduction release from
Aramaki, and I am happy beyond measure to have had
the oppurtunity to release it here at proc-rec.
The production quality is splendid and the entire release flows
smoothly from one track to another.
(my personal favorite pieces are the final two,
Mechanical Plant and Estimate)

I encourage you, as the listener, to turn up the bass
on your subwoofer (if you have one) and let this puppy play!!

thanks Aramaki!!!


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