Sunday, September 14, 2008



at proc-rec, he is known best for his work under Yoko Absorbing.
With a handful of releases under his belt, including
a fair amount of albums and ep's here at proc-rec, Mr. Yoko
has returned to us once again (THANKFULLY!!!) and
has issued us some very fine electronica/techno
music , certainly worth the listen.

It is hard for me to place this release in any one certain
category, due to the diversity of the music (and the artist).
While all of the pieces seem to follow a fairly constant 4/4
beat, they could also fit the description of IDM, Jungle, House
and even acid!

The addition of crazy, heavily computerized vocal samples
really do bring a nice touch to this album and, to me, were
very much an un-expected treat, due largely in part to
the sheer quality and execution in which they were used.

This type of sound is one that I am, admittedly un-familiar with
when thinking of the type of music I've come to normally
hear from Evgenij V. Kharitonov, but I am without a doubt
extremely happy to have this teriffic 23+ minute album!!!

Also, I dont want to spoil the ending....but the final
twenty-seven seconds of this ep are so unbelievably
good, it brought a tear to my eye.



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