Monday, September 8, 2008



The originator and perfector of the genre "static-techno",
the original sound-boy himself known as Static Bass
comes back to the recording studio to supply your heads
with more glorious audio that this generation desperatly needs.

Very much in competition for my favorite Static Bass release EVER
(competing against Bicycle day [proc077] )
this fresh new sonic rave-anthem is a definite
dancefloor friendly ep that immediately has
the abilty to get you shakin' and groovin'
(and of course, RAVING)
the night away!!!

Both tracks are titled Again, however they are quite different from
one another .
The first track consists of an impeccable rhythm section
that really got my sound system thuuuuumping and the bassssss
puuuuuuuuuumping :)
with the addition of some really nicely executed basslines and
simple melodic sequences, this track reminds me very much
of the early days of electronic acid music.

Within the first few seconds of hearing the second track, its
almost impossible to mistake the signature sound that Static Bass is
so well known for.
Once again coming in with the strong rhythm seqeunces and
the equally mind-blowing acid/basslines, Static Bass let's the crowd
know exactly what time it is....

Look, there really isnt any better way for me to describe these
two tracks aside from what I have just told you.
Both pieces are nearly remixable in every way possible and
have a very high replay value, making this little EP a hit!!!

the time has come for the newest static-smash-bash!!!!

to all the peoples in the underground...


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