Thursday, September 11, 2008



In the music scene today, there are a tremendous amount
of producers and labels, both of which are in a constant struggle
to gain recognition by anyone and everyone, yet forgetting
all about what matters most...the music!

Which is why proc-records is proud to have the strength
on the netlabel scene required to stay "ahead of the game".
As a netlabel, we focus on quality music by artists who
proudly stand behind their work and understand just how dynamic
and crucial the netlabel scene actually is.

Pushing us into the 170's catalog numbers, this brand new
release from a debut duo hailing all the way from Winnipeg, Canada,
is nothing short of jaw-dropping and mind blowing!
The two-person outfit who call themselves Static Fold
are quite a treat for the avid techno listener, indeed!

With a grand total of five tracks, this hard hitting release
is an adequate representation of two dudes, hard at work, doing
what they love to do and not being afraid to be themselves.

What I enjoy most about this release is the old-school
sound that it has.
Not to say that these tracks SOUND old, but the way they
progress and take shape really proves that these two gentleman
know exactly what electronic music (specifially trance and techno)
are really all about.
From the very first track and all the way down to the last,
this album will have the whole area in proper rave-form.
Whether you're just in the mood for a truly classic
and compelling dancefloor release or you're having a rave in
an old abandoned warehouse, an album like this is
certainly an excellent addition to any music-lovers

with much appreciation, I am overwhelmingly pleased
to release this unspeakably cool EP, coming to
us straight from our neighbors to the north!!
Great work guys!!!


also, dont hesitate to drop these guys a line
on myspace...

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