Sunday, September 21, 2008



After a brief hiatus that seemed like forever,
the true underground dominator of sound, RedSK,
is bringing his utterly unique and highly respected talents
to us for proc-rec to humbly and graciously showcase
to the world!

since his debut with us at [proc070], I had been
waiting patiently for new music.
Now, one-hundred-seven releases later, a new
RedSK album has emerged and I can honestly
say that it was very much worth waiting for.

Stylisticly, RedSK is strictly a noise artist, though his
previous release had a fair amount of rhythm.
This release, however, is precisely the sound that I have come to
know and respect Patrick by.
For listeners of this album, whether you are a long time fan
or a first-time introduction, be forewarned that
the intensity level of this album is off the charts!
Ear-piercing sine waves, squelching and choking static, and
a cornocopia of various effects, this album is truly a battleground
of manipulation.

However, there is one other thing I must say about this release...
please please please do not just let it simply play nonchalantly
in the background while you do other things.
It beckons and rightly deserves every ounce of attention
that you can supply (and if you cant dedicate 100%, I
suggest you wait until you can!!!).

So, without further delay, I welcome you
to download and and enjoy this wonderful album.
Chock full with hard-hitting harshness, and is precisely
the appropriate length for nearly everyone to appreciate,
RedSK has outdone him (as is typical with this gentleman)
and given the underground another reason to keep on truckin'.

So download today!


this guy also runs a wonderful little
netlabel called TRASHFUCK-NET.
feel free to check it out and send something over
to him if you want =)

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