Saturday, September 27, 2008



there are a few things in life that REALLY
make me happy.
The first is being surrounded by beautiful women ;)
The second is a good cup of coffee.
The third is the pefect salad (with plenty of tomatoes!!)
and the final thing is good music by good artists.

Well my friends, this fucking awesome little EP
is a supa-dupa funky fresh ravers anthem, performed by
THE king of techno, Sascha Müller!!!

Titled "Brainscan", this ep is a two-piece
treasure-chest of high-quality dance beats
that are sure to get ANY party in motion.
If you are a DJ and are looking for a way to get the people
on the dancefloor, play either one of these tracks!!!

The first track is the original mix of "brainscan" and
is slightly longer than the Euroscan Mix.
The first piece is much more minimalistic than the second
piece, although it has a heavy trance influence as well.
The second track, titled Brainscan (Euroscan Mix)
is, without a doubt, trance.
While I dont listen to trance techno very often, after
hearing this piece by Sascha, I may have to
make an effort to listen to more of it!
(Although I dont think any of it would be as of high quality
as Sascha's, so I might be disappointed).

I have said before that I am a HUGE fan of Sascha Müller,
and have been a fan for quite a while.
He is truly a very gifted indivdual with all forms
of sound, and to him I have the utmost respect.

proc-records has the best listeners (and artists) in the world,
and I am quite pleased to release our one-hundred-eighty-first


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