Sunday, August 31, 2008


+album_-_Mythical Deity

everyone in the world, from every background or walk of life
enjoys an oppurtunity to relax in a very complacent
and un-hindered atmosphere.
upon looking for oppurtunity to remove oneself from the mundane
day-to-day toil that afflicts us all, one might turn
to retreats to the country-side with family, friends, or simply
just by themselves.
In other cases, they might turn to soothing music as their escape.
Mellow music has an incomparible way of easing the mind,
body and soul without limiting the thinking process
or interfearing with a contemplative mood.
Or, maybe you would do both!

For me, I find that preparing some coffee or tea, burning
some incense and allowing the sounds of mother nature and
artists of human-origin provide a sufficient amount
of aural peacefulness.
(Along with a little guidance from my boy J.C.!!!)

Since his first release with us, Dirk Lienig has proven to be
one such artist that I have turned to on many occasions as
a prime source for the perfect calm, free spirited music that
helps break away from all the negativity found
in the world today.

This release, which features two ambient pieces, demonstrates
Dirk's superb audio programming skills in a way
that I have yet to hear from him before.
Always original, he continuosly gives 100% of himself
in his music compositionsm and the dedication is
very apparent through and through.

Both pieces are very similar in the sense that they
share the same melody, though the first piece is about
half as long as the second, and it contains a ryhthm section
that the second piece also lacks.
However, both pieces are beyond gorgeous and
would seem unfairly "naked" without the other.

Again, if you just cant seem to find the right album
to help get you in a relaxed and meditative mood,
give some of Dirk Lienigs music a listen, especially his most
most most recent release...

Dirk_Lienig_-_Mythical Deity

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