Monday, August 25, 2008



Spoken Word is a genre that is far too often overlooked
as being a critical component to electronic music.
Your voice is your own unique and beautiful instrument
that no-one else can replicate exactly, no matter
how hard they may try.
This is why I find it so intruinging when artists
attempt a project much like the this one.

Evgenij V. Kharitonov (aka Yoko Absorbing) much more than
your typical artist.
He has a very vast, unpretentious, and above all...unique
catalog of published works, both with proc-rec and
found at other sources as well.
This new release from him, however, is one of
considerable importance.
Not only is it as diverse as the artist himself, it
also propels proc-rec forwards and places us snug
and comfortably at the [proc160] mark!!

A very special release indeed!!!

I commend Mr. Kharitonov for attempting a release
like this one.
We very rarely get to see this side of sound and it
really is a treat to have Kharitonov releasing with proc-rec
on a regular basis.

With an astounding array of vocal snippets layered upon one
another with added effects such as delay, reverb, distortion and
channel panning , a release of this nature and quality
comes along only once in a great while...
pick it up today at your local computer with internet capabilites!!



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