Saturday, August 16, 2008



Yoko Absorbing is back with ANOTHER release!!
this guy is producing music at such a rapid rate, its hard
to keep up.
fortunately, he has let proc-rec release some more
of his music, and for that I am very grateful.

A brand new full length release from (yep!! you guessed it!!) Russia!!
I'm serious, people.
If you are looking for the country with the most
talent in regards to electronic music,
that is the place to check out.
The majority of our releases and artists have come from

Anyway, this brand new release from YoAb is
a cornocopia of killer tracks with an intense variety of
styles ranging from rock, IDM, jungle and even experimental noise.
While YoAb's great ability to cross genre's with such simplicity
is apparent throughout this entire release, it
still retains his unrivled soulful sound
and once again takes us
in a completely unexpected direction.

Yoko Absorbing is exactly the type of artist
we like to have releasing with proc-records and I hope
he will continue to do so.
Even though his previous release with us is still HOT HOT HOT,
this new one is the perfect way to give even your portable media
device something to smile about! :)

messing you up soooo rough and gently...
we present to you YoAb's newest rough and gentle release....


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