Thursday, August 28, 2008



Ladies and Gentleman...
children of all ages...
Allow me to introduce an artist who, to be quite honest,
needs no introduction at all, (BUT DEFINITELY DESERVES ONE!!)
the great carfil is back once again
with more of his truly splendid sounds.
EP2 picks up right where EP1 left off...

Carfil's uncanny ability to devise up killer sounds like the ones
found on both EP's (or any of his releases for that matter)
is remarkable, by any stretch of the imagination.
He keeps a steady simple rhythm, but makes use of
some wickedly processed sound effects, premium drum-sequences
and of course...his utterly jaw-dropping melodies, all of which
form one great track after another when combined.

What I also found really nice about this particular ep
that was a little different than past releases was the
amount of very deep bass, and as an example I will use the fourth
track, titled pushed.
Very heavy and rich basslines encompass the whole track
while an astounding melody kicks in , with the percussion
following closely behind.

If you have been paying close attention to this guys work
over the course of proc-records's exhistance, I'm
sure you will notice other things about this release series that really
make it stand out from previous releases.
Carfil has certainly struck gold with this sound
and I cannot express my feelings any better way than to say
that his music has ALWAYS been great, and it somehow
just keeps getting better!!!

Certainly one of my top 10 favorite musical artists of all time,
it is time for me to stop talking and let you do some wholesome
audio enjoyment for yourself.

A release to make both you and your ears smile :)



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