Saturday, August 16, 2008



The UK's IN THE HOUSE!!!!!
proc-rec is happy to feature another great musician
from "across the pond" who is known
to many (musically) as sybi0t.

With a style very similar to that of Josstintimberlake's
(who also hails from the UK), sybi0t demonstrates
some truly mind-blowing hard-core chiptune talent his
debut release on proc-records titled Crashed Rom Bonanza.

Unfortunately, there arent many people these days who
really appreciate or fully understand chip-tune.
There is a word I use for people like that


chiptune is such a crucial part of electronic music.
In many ways it was the first form of the genre and
I attribute much of the success to electronic music
to the early days of video gaming.

That is probably why I'm so excited to have
the oppurtunity to release this wonderful
little ep!
We don't very often recieve chiptune submissions
(aside from JT and carfil), so having a brand new cresent-fresh ep
like this from yet ANOTHER new artist to the proc-rec scene, all I can
do is smile and crank up the volume.

I recommend that you do the same....

with a brand new artist and a brand new release
gracing the catalog, proc-rec is exceedingly happy to
announce the release of...


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