Sunday, August 24, 2008



Ah yes!!!

A brand new release from one of the newest members
to the constantly advancing catalog of artists,
endometrium cuntplow is up to his usual
tricks with more of the brutal noise that we love him for
and have come to expect.

Truly one of the creme de la creme's on the noise scene today,
endometrium cuntplow (who also uses a few other alias's for music)
never lets down his guard when it comes to demolishing
audio, and this fresh five-minute EP is a prime example of that.
Thats right, folks.

The August Untitled EP features a wide array of
pieces ranging from three seconds in length and
no higher than fifty-nine seconds.
They also cover a somewhat vast variety
of styles within the noise-based genre which include
rhythmic noise (as demonstrated on the third track), very
un-obnoxious low-key drone (track eight)
and everything else in between!

All in all, this is a powerfull little ep that packs one hell
of a gorgeous punch, and sounds great on
computer speakers in a library.

Add this album to your collection and prepare for a nostaligic
trip down the noise-lovers highway!!!


check out my dudes other music here..

and peep his own kick-ass netlabel, Love Torture Records...

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