Friday, August 8, 2008



Assholemouthead is actually David Matheke (head of Love Torture Records)
and is aka as Endometrium Cuntplow.

A renowned and respected "noise" and non-music artist,
this new side-project of David's features a much more intense and brutal
side, one that we have yet to experience before.
with cats in bathrooms is a DEEP-rooted noise ep, with roughly
a seven minute runtime.

From the very first second, this ep engages you
into a n audio-based warzone, bombarding your
soul and mind with high-frequency white-noise, ear drum piercing
sine waves and a matrix of other extremely distorted
pieces of sound scattered about the tracks in a very
haphazard manner.

However, if you thought that the serious shagging
your head recieved from the opening piece was all that this
ep had to offer, you were unbelievably incorrect and foolish!
From begining to end, this release will take you on an upward spiral to
the newest and deepest realms of audio terror, leaving
nothing behind in its path and allowing you to jump on board and
give it a listen for yourself...

that is...if you feel up to it ;)

A release that mentions of cats in the title, yet
is by no means recommended for your average
pussy (no pun intended!)
proc-records is pleased to bring you our newest release
by an another not-so-brand-new artist


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Unknown said...

hahahaha. you are the man! i love your little reviews. xoxoxoxox.
ps. there is only 1 "h" in Assholemouthead ;)

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