Saturday, August 16, 2008



As the other text document included with this release suggessts, Forhazis
is an artist from Russia who manipulates analog cassette's
in order to produce a very genuine and "organinc" sound.
He also operates the label 24919, which releases
limited run cd's and also features file releases
for free, much like a traditional netlabel.

Our good friend and trusted ally, Razxca, sent this track
over to us a few weeks ago in an effort to draw attention
to the possibilities of extreme low bitrates, while
still retaining a fair amount of quality and keeping it
enjoyable and interesting.

I have considered this release to be a remix
due to the fact that the original version
(previously encoded at 256kbps) would probably
sound quite a bit different.

Either way, This is still a Forhazis release and I am very pleased
to not only have such a wonderful piece of audio
available on proc-rec, but also a new artist within our catalog.
Another Russian artist, at that!!
I give the great country of Russia a massive
amount of credit for having such
a strong artistic center.
proc-rec relies very heavily upon the talent
that comes from there :)

So, for a few minutes would you please
stop your homework,
stop paying your bills,
and most importantly...
Stop Your Train!!!


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