Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Based in the UK, The Gemini Lounge Orchestra have
been releasing on proc-records almost since day one.

And, in that time, they have amassed a pretty impressive
catalog of audio.
(certainly something that proc-records is pleased to have!)

This time, the GLO take us on another complex and
intense trip through un-coordinated, rapidly blasting melodies,
crazy samples, wicked rhythm, throw it all inside
a blender and chop.
and dice to perfection!

What makes this release (along with their other work)
extremely enjoyable is the fact that the gemini lounge
arent predictable whatsoever.
Using a similar style or theme throughout much of their audio,
they have easily established for themselves a highly distinct, unique
and un-deniably recognisable sound for themselves.
One that will be engraved on the minds of both fans
and causal listeners alike.

Also, this release is available in physical format directly from the
group themselves!
Read the other text document included within the
release .zip to find out more about how you
can contact them for your own copy

I'm keeping this linear note short and sweet, because quite honestly,
this fantastic bunch of gentlemen have "done it again"!
If you listen to any GLO release this month, make sure it's this one!!

proc-records rolls out the red carpet for one of the longest running
sound-acts within our (endless) borders!!!!!


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