Tuesday, August 12, 2008



the great country of Russia is in the hosue once again!!
Back for round two, we feature a solo branch-side project off
of Vega Stereo.
This project, titled Analog Concept truly is a remarkable
venture indeed!

This wonderful ten-track LP takes us
down to street-level with some hearty and deep
textural melodies and rhythms that have
been custom tailored to the very intelligent
group of listeners we have at proc-rec ;)

As I mentioned before, this release is extremely
minimal and ambient.
However, it is also one of the best debut releases
I've heard at proc-rec in a long time.

What I enjoy most about this release (aside from the amazing
prodcution and execution) is the rich and
colorful quality that these tracks posess.
Each track picks up where the one before it left off, and has it's own
unique feel and demeanor to itself.
Very reminiscent of early, early (mid to late 1980's) ambient
electronica, Analog Concept do a superb job
of limiting the resources, but not the sounds natural

Simply said, I love this release.
It is a nice break from traditional ambient music
and the fact that we have another awesome release
from Russia really makes me glad to
be running proc-rec.

This is what it's all about, people!
see for yourself why music is one of the
most important art forms around by listening to...


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